Guidelines for Host Committees

The locations of HICYPAA will be determined by the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council will hold a Bid Session on Saturday morning where prospective bid committees will give a presentation The next host area will be announced at the main Saturday night meeting.

Return to your area and disband as the bidding committee. Hold a meeting with the young people in your area and, as a whole, elect your host committee.

Good liaison with local Intergroup or General Service Structure may be best assured if both provide a nonvoting advisor to give guidance when requested by the committee. Additionally, it is helpful to outreach if a non-voting liaison from the host committee gives a report at each service meeting.

Knowing that there are many excellent young alcoholics who make good speakers or meeting chairpersons for the conference who are willing to attend, it is our policy that all participants of the program pay their own expenses. Experience has shown that the planning committee refer to it’s own pre-registration or mailing list.

At the Conference, wherever the main conference registration is located, or the central focal point, we urge that nothing but AA Conference Approved literature be sold. Experience has shown that a ‘flea market’ can develop, and those unaware of our endeavor can be misled, especially the press, radio, and TV.

We ask that the Advisory Council be put on the program for a Saturday morning workshop. This is our way of answering any questions, which may arise, and helping those who wish to have information for future bids. This will be followed by a bid session.

Begin to do Outreach for the conference as soon as possible.

It is our policy not to close the conference on Sunday morning but to pass it on to the next host committee.

The Advisory Council is at your disposal. Feel free to call anytime.

The host committee should be directly involved with any activity from which funds may be generated.

The host area should hold elections and mail the business meeting minutes to the Advisory Council within two months of award of the bid.

The Advisory Council will meet with the host committee preferably the Thursday evening prior to the Conference to facilitate the election of new Advisory Council members from the host committee.

Keep the Twelve Traditions in mind at all times.

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