Advisory Council

Preamble :
We the members of the Hawaiian Islands Council of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous, set forth this day to establish and perserve, by the following principles, the experience of our predecessors. In 1995 the Hawaiian Islands Conference of Young Peoples in Alcoholics Anonymous (HICYPAA) was founded for the purpose of furthering the principles of AA among young people. In 1996 at the North Shore Oahu Conference a permanent committee was established for the preservation of the experience and materials. We do think it beneficial to establish a custodian to perserve the efforts and experience, lest they be lost. Being cognizant and not all young people in Hawaii find our conference or meeting necessary, we do not propose to be a universal answer or governing body for young people. We believe it beneficial to share our experience with all who have requested our help, for it is through our sharing that we have learned to function within the framework of  AA traditions.


Purpose :
The Hawaii Advisory Council is formed for the express purpose of furthering the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous through its annual conference and its mailing address. The Council is the custodian of the conference experience in Hawaii. It shall offer, to anyone who requires it, information regarding young people and young peoples groups in Hawaii as pertaining to recovery on the AA program. It shall make its knowledge and experience available to the Hawaii Area on a regular basis for use through AA.

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