Bidding Requirements


The purpose of HICYPAA is to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to young people in the state of Hawaii, and to further the principles of A.A. through providing a vehicle of service by, for, and to young people in Hawaii. A ‘Young Person’ is anyone with room to grow. If you wish to host a HICYPAA in your area, the following are the bidding requirements for the prospective bidding committee to present to the Advisory Council, If you have any questions please Contact Advisory.

1. A suggested number of three AA members will be allowed 20 minutes for bid presentations. It is suggested that young AA’s represent the area.

2. Demonstrate that the bid committee has looked into 2 facilities for available, cost and size of function.

3. Bidders must provide a permanent mailing address for the conference.

4. Assurance must be given that no large scale AA activity in Hawaii will conflict with conference dates.

5. Support is asked for and received from the groups, districts or intergroup for the bidding committee.

6. Prospective bidders will be required to demonstrate financial autonomy and responsibility within the traditions of AA as a whole, being directly involved in any activity from which funds are generated.

7. The new host committee must agree that all proceeds after expenses and donations to the local service structures are to be turned over to the HICYPAA Advisory Council for disbursement. The host committee is permitted to donate up to 20% of the proceeds to their local service structures.

8. Bidders must provide a concise statement illustrating the need, as they understand it, for this conference in their area.

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